Styles of UPVC Window

UPVC Window material is polyvinyl chloride

that has been added an unplasticising agent to prevent it being prone to damage by severe weather conditions. This is the kind of material that is used to manufacture UPVC windows. There are several styles of these windows, one being the sliding sash windows.

Styles of UPVC WindowThis kind of window is comprised of two offset sashes and they operate a lot like the way a sliding door operates. The skidding sash can be supplied with or without Georgian bars if the client prefers them or not. They are most common among other kinds of UPVC windows. Another style is the casement windows which are characterized by one or two panes and they have a hinge on one of the window sides.

The way to open this kind of window up is by rotating a crank. These windows are opened by a crank. Double hung windows are another style of the windows and these ones have two offset vertical sashes and can allow air to flow in and out from the top or the bottom of the window unlike with the sliding sash windows.

There is the tilt and turn windows that are not very common in UK and they have larger opening sashes as compared to the outward opening or side hung opening windows.

This style of windows is used commonly in houses that are built with a small and square individual frame. But, Which Coloured UPVC windows to buy?

They open inwards from a single side especially for cleaning easily and for fire escape purposes but for ventilation, they open best inwards from the hinge at the bottom. There are pivoting windows that are great because they open almost in any side. They bay windows style are normally installed in the living rooms. They have three sides that reach out to the house outside wall and hence they allow a room to become large by creating more space due to their shape and style.

There are also bow windows that look like the bay windows with the only difference being that they have a series of window systems but each sash slanting enabling the whole window system to arch outwards.

UPVC windows are increasingly being used because they are strong, come in various styles and colours as well as shown above and hence offer more choice of design for the house builder and designer.

There are several companies in UK that sell the UPVC windows, such as and they also offer technicians that can come to replace or put the window on your house if you need it done professionally.