uPVC Patio Doors Cost?

Opening up your home with uPVC Patio Doors

With so many homeowners preferring to improve their properties rather than move to a new one, fitting a set of uPVC patio doors to the rear of the house are fast becoming a favoured and relatively simple favourite.

So here are some ideas of the different types of uPVC patio doors on the market, and a guide to give you an idea of how much do uPVC patio doors cost.

Main design of patio door

You are likely to find the following designs in the market:

  • Inline sliding patio doors – the design is such that the panels slide side to side on tracks and bypass each other withing the frame.
  • Bi-fold doors – this design allows the doors to “fold” horizontally, much like an accordion. Give a wide opening as the panels stack away completely to the sides.
  • Tilt & Turn – the door has a unique way to operate. Under normal use it works like an inline sliding door. But can be operated to tilt the main door frame inwards for excellent ventilation.
  • French patio doors – a pair of regular swing doors mounted within a single frame. They open outward, just like a very large French window.

sliding upvc patio doors

Each design has it’s pro’s & con’s and some will suit your home better than others.

The best thing to do is to visit a good quality price comparison website likeĀ doubleglazingpriceguide.org.uk and you can review prices and compare how each door may look in your home.